Keeping You on the Move
Each and every one of the Handicare stairlifts we offer has been designed to work effectively and require minimal upkeep. Nonetheless, we have a range of stair lift servicing and maintenance options for you to take advantage of if you want to keep your stairlift working for years to come.

24/7 Warranty

For your peace of mind, each of our stairlifts comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. You can request the assistance of our maintenance engineers 24-hours a day, 7-days a week!

Our standard warranty covers you for 12 months, although you can choose to extend this to 24 or 36 months. Your warranty will cover the cost of replacement parts and labour should a manufacturing or installation issue occur.
stairlift service

Handicare Stairlift Spares

If you notice that your stairlift is no longer working as it should be, speak to a member of the Clear Choice team about our range of Handicare spare parts.

Even with regular servicing, you may start to notice some general wear and tear. This is completely normal and to be expected if you use your stairlift regularly.

Contact our advisors if you notice damage to the; seat upholstery, seatbelt, footplate mat, batteries, seat, armrest covers or rollers. We can quickly organise replacement Handicare parts for you.

If you can’t identify the problem with your stairlift, or you think some of the mechanical parts have stopped working, we will be able diagnose the problem, provide the Handicare spares and fix the problem quickly.

Upgrading Your Handicare Stairlift

We can change or replace your manual footplate/ swivel mechanism with a motorised equivalent, making your Handicare stairlift even more convenient!

Note: This service only applies to some of our Handicare stairlifts. Speak to the Clear Choice advisors to find out more.
stairlift service

Stairlift Service

Whether it’s a car, a dishwasher or one of our Handicare domestic stairlifts, any machine that you use regularly will benefit from a service from time-to-time to keep it working properly.
Domestic Stairlifts
Only once a year

Domestic Stairlifts

Domestic stairlifts used in the home by only one or two people will need servicing once a year to prevent unexpected errors from occurring.
Domestic Stairlifts
Every 6 months

High-Use Stairlifts

Stairlifts used by multiple people, for example in a workplace or shared residence, may need to be serviced more regularly.


What happens if there’s a power cut?

There’s no need to worry! Your stairlift recharges when it’s left at its charge point and energy is stored in its on-board batteries. This means your stairlift will be able to operate for a limited number of trips if there’s a power cut.

What if I want to re-carpet my stairs?

Your Handicare stairlift can be easily removed and refitted to allow you to lay new carpet.

What happens if I leave my stairlift off charge?

Handicare stairlifts are designed to alert you if they are not left at their charging point. We recommend that you don’t let your stairlift batteries go completely flat, this will damage them & they may need to be replaced.

If you’re ready to discuss your stairlift options with a member of the Clear Choice team, submit an enquiry now!